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This is about my upcoming trip to Malaysia and Cambodia. The first part is pre-trip - information about flights, itineraries, accommodation and all the things that you need to do to plan an overseas holiday. This is my first trip to Asia and I hope it may help others. Comments are very welcome and anyone who has travelled to Malaysia and/or Cambodia, please feel free to comment and offer any advice or tips that you think would be helpful. As of today ( 28th February) , in exactly 11 days (minus 30 minutes) I will be in Kuala Lumpur.

I had the most amazing time and hope you enjoy reading about my trip. Each post is numbered and I'm doing them in order from start to finish - a little like a diary.




Visa Requirements
In order to visit Cambodia, a visa is required for most nationalities. Philippine and Malaysian nationals do not require tourist visas for a stay up to 21 and 30 days respectively. Singaporean nationality is also exempt from the usual visa requirement. Visa on arrival is not permitted for holders of the following passports: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Sudan. Holders of these passports must obtain a Cambodian visa before arriving in the country. Holders of these passports are also required to hold a sponsor letter or invitation from a company/organisation/travel agent, and you are also advised to hold a valid return ticket.

Obtaining A Visa
1. A visa on arrival can be obtained at Pochentong Airport in Phnom Penh and Siemreap International Airport, Siem Reap as well as most international border crossing checkpoints in Cambodia.
2. Visas can be obtained from Overseas Cambodian Embassies.
3. You can also apply for an e-Visa online.

Documents required and visa fee:
a) Passport with at least six months validity from date of departure from Cambodia.
b) One (1) 4×6 photo

30-day tourist visa (Type “T”) - US$20
30-day business visa (Type “E”) -US$25

Extending Your Visa
Tourist and business visas are valid for one month. However, tourist visas can be extended for one month, but only one time. Business visas can be renewed indefinitely, one month, three months, six months or one year at a time.
Source:Visa Information

Below is a sample of a Cambodian Visa Application form. Click on image to enlarge.


Applying for an e-Visa is simple, easy and saves time when arriving in Cambodia. All you need to do is complete the online applications form and pay by credit card. After receiving your Visa through email, print it out and bring it with you when you travel to Cambodia.


Entry Type:
Single only.

US$20 + US$5 processing charge.

3 months starting from the date of issue.

Length of stay:
30 days (more)

Processing time:
3 business days.

A passport with more than six months validity at the time of entry, a recent passport-size photo in digital format (JPEG or PNG format), a valid credit card (Visa/Mastercard)

Visa Exemption:
Laos, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand.

Countries not supported:
Afghanistan, Algeria, Arab Saudi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria (Apply for your visa from your nearest embassy or on arrival ar all major checkpoints.)

Please make sure when applying for an e-Visa you do so through the official website which is:
Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Foreign Affairs.

The above website also has an page with excellent information in the form of questions and answers.
It can be found HERE.



Issued to foreign nationals who require visas to enter Malaysia on transit to other countries. Foreign nationals on transit without leaving the airport precincts and who continue their journey to the next destination with the same flight do not require a transit visa.


1. Transit Without Visa (TWOV) cannot be given to visitors who do not possess visas from 3rd country of destination as follows:-

· Australia
· New Zealand
· United States of America
· Japan
· China
· Taiwan
· South Korea

2. TWOV facility cannot exceed more than 120 hours (5 days)

3. TWOV facility is not available at entry points other than Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

4. TWOV cannot be offered to passengers sponsored by airlines other than Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. At present, only MAS and Air Asia have agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions imposed by Malaysia Government.

5. TWOV cannot be given to visitors who do not fulfil the following:

i. Valid national passport or internationally recognized travel document;

ii. Travel documents valid for more than 6 months from the date of entry

iii. A return ticket to country of origin

iv. Not listed in Immigration Department suspected list

6. There will be no extension of TWOV facility

7. Permanent residents and long term pass holders from other countries i.e Australia or New Zealand do not bound to regulations and conditions no (1) , (4) and (5 [iii]) only.

*Those on Australian visitor visas or Bridging visas (except Bridging visa E) flying with Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to their final destination are eligible for a Transit Pass. If those on bridging (except Bridging visa E) or tourist visa fly with airlines other than Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines, they must apply for a visa prior to travelling. Those on Bridging Visa E are not eligible for a Transit Pass, must apply for a visa prior to travel.

Visa on Arrival
Since August 16, 2010 Visa on Arrival (VOA) has been completely abolished for all countries that have been given this facility. Countries from the Indian Sub-Continental, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan as well as other countries such as China, Myanmar, Taiwan and the Comoros who had received these benefits are no longer eligible for Visa on Arrival at any entry points into Malaysia.

This facility is withdrawn for all nationals of the above, including green card holders or Permanent residents, long-term pass holders and holders of work visas from other countries.

Transit Without Visa/Transit Pass
Visitors/travellers from Indian Sub-Continental (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan) with valid permanent resident status or valid long term permit of stay i.e students' Visa or valid work permits from other countries such as Australia and New Zealand may be granted the transit facility without visa up to 120 hours in Malaysia. These nationals however are responsible to show proof of their visa status without fail upon entry into Malaysia. Transit pass will be granted at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) Kuala Lumpur.

Citizens from above mentioned countries who hold any type of bridging visa and tourists visas from Australia are required to obtain visas prior to their travel to Malaysia.

Australian Citizens Do Not Need A Visa

Australian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Malaysia for a visit of up to three months provided their passports are valid for at least six months on arrival and they have a return air ticket or onward ticket to another international destination. A single entry air ticket is not accepted without a confirmed date and exit from Malaysia.

Countries Required Visa
Passport holders of the following countries, and persons using a Travel Document, must obtain a visa before entering Malaysia.

Afghanistan - AUD9.00 - **please refer to Visa With Reference (VWR) for the visa requirements.
Republic Angola - AUD9.00
Bangladesh - AUD9.00
Bhutan - AUD9.00
Burkina Faso - AUD9.00
Burma(Myanmar) -AUD9.00
Burundi - AUD9.00
Cameroon - AUD9.00
Central African Republic - AUD9.00
Colombia - AUD9.00
Cameroon - AUD9.00
Republic of Congo - AUD9.00
People's Republic of China - AUD13.00
Congo Democratic Republic - AUD9.00
Cote dIvorie - AUD9.00
Djibouti - AUD9.00
Equatorial Africa
Eritrea - AUD9.00
Ethiopia - AUD9.00
Ghana - AUD9.00
Guinea-Bissau - AUD9.00
Hong Kong (C/I or D/I) - AUD13.00
India - AUD23.00
Liberia - AUD5.00
Mali - AUD9.00
Mozambique - AUD9.00
Nepal - AUD9.00
Niger - AUD9.00
Nigeria - AUD9.00
Pakistan - AUD9.00
Rwanda - AUD9.00
Sri Lanka - AUD7.00
Western Sahara - AUD9.00
Taiwan - AUD22
United Nations (Laissez Passer) - Gratis (with letter from UN)
Lassez Passer (without UN Letter)- AUD9.00
Certificate of Identity (from all countries)-AUD9.00
Australian Travel Documents - AUD9.00


Visa will only be issued a month prior to travelling date and the office will return back all documentations which does not comply with the requirements.

1. Visa application- IM47. Please ensure that application form is printed on a single page (front and back).

2. 1 recent passport size photographs

3. Your valid National Passport (at least 6 months validity at the time of the proposed visit)

4. A copy of the valid Australian visa page and your personal details in the passport.

5. Evidence of confirmed travel itinerary /air ticket (1 copy)

6. Provide your email address and contact number on the application form.

Additional information for application sent in by Mail
1. The process will take approximately 10 working days from the day we receive the application.

2. Kindly enclosed a self address registered or express platinum envelope for return of your travel document.

3. Money order or Bank Cheque made payable to Malaysian High Commission. Please pay exact amount. We do not give change.

4. Please do not call us if your application has been less than 10 working days. Please check Australian POST website using the tracking number for delivery status, therefore please take note of your tracking number when sending your application.

5. High Commission of Malaysia shall not be liable for any losses or damages if the applicants choose to submit applications by mail. Accordingly, any claims for damages will not be entertained.

NOTE: The office does not accept personal cheque, business cheque or credit card.

Additional information for application submitted in person at the High Commission of Malaysia, Canberra
Application should be submitted before 10:00am and the passport can be collected after 3:00pm.

Source: High Commission of Malaysia, Canberra, Australia. Further information about student passes and work permits can be found here.

Information can also be found on the Official Portal, Immigration Department of Malaysia

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