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This is about my upcoming trip to Malaysia and Cambodia. The first part is pre-trip - information about flights, itineraries, accommodation and all the things that you need to do to plan an overseas holiday. This is my first trip to Asia and I hope it may help others. Comments are very welcome and anyone who has travelled to Malaysia and/or Cambodia, please feel free to comment and offer any advice or tips that you think would be helpful. As of today ( 28th February) , in exactly 11 days (minus 30 minutes) I will be in Kuala Lumpur.

I had the most amazing time and hope you enjoy reading about my trip. Each post is numbered and I'm doing them in order from start to finish - a little like a diary.



50. Fiesta and Siesta

Lunch, a shower and a nap
Arriving back at the Two Dragons, I arranged with Pookeah to go to Angkor Wat later in the afternoon to see the temples at sunset. Sitting down in "my" chair and perusing the menu, I wanted to eat local food and after consultation with Da, decided on noodles with beef and egg, so long as it had vegies in it I was happy.

Above: Pat Mee Leung with beef (58) - lunch
This was my first Asian meal - Pat Mee Leung which was $3.95. Da told me if you order over $3 you get a free can of drink. This was a nice surprise and a welcome one too. Not being an aficionado of that revolting stuff called coca cola, I chose lemonade. You get a small can - about 250ml. Lunch was delicious and afterwards my eyelids were starting to droop. I realised I was falling asleep.

Above: The "Bar"
Going to the bar to pay for my meal I was told it would be put on my bill. I'd never stayed anywhere before where they add it to your "tab". It was a nice feeling.

Above: The Shower
Reaching my room, all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep, but I had to have a shower first, somehow I couldn't hack lying down all hot and sweaty with my clothes sticking to me. Best decision I ever made having that shower. I felt so clean...and so - I lay down and slept, the air conditioner quietly whirring keeping my room cool.

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