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This is about my upcoming trip to Malaysia and Cambodia. The first part is pre-trip - information about flights, itineraries, accommodation and all the things that you need to do to plan an overseas holiday. This is my first trip to Asia and I hope it may help others. Comments are very welcome and anyone who has travelled to Malaysia and/or Cambodia, please feel free to comment and offer any advice or tips that you think would be helpful. As of today ( 28th February) , in exactly 11 days (minus 30 minutes) I will be in Kuala Lumpur.

I had the most amazing time and hope you enjoy reading about my trip. Each post is numbered and I'm doing them in order from start to finish - a little like a diary.



44. Countryside - The Real Cambodia

Above: Bicycles
These two young lads were riding their bikes along the road. None of the riders I saw wore helmets and none of the bikes had gears.

Above: Children at play
As we drove passed, I saw this house with pretty pink flowers and a little shite dog. Two children were playing in front of the family motor bike under the trees.

Above: Market stall
This is the family's fruit stall set up out of the sun under an umbrella.

Above: Thatched house
Another home further along.

Above: Oxen grazing
All the animals are very thin with their bones sticking out. This made me feel very sad - coming from a land of plenty where we say, "I can't afford to buy a new oufit" or we wonder how we're going to pay the electricity bill and still have enough money for food and decry and complain about the cost of petrol and we know we're poor living below the poverty line and yet......seeing the things I saw, the terribly thin animals, the houses without sanitation, no electricity, lacking the modern conveniences we take for granted....I felt very small and realised back home we don't know what poor is. We have no idea what it means to be poor - really poor. These people have very little, and yet, they still smile. They laugh and are courteous and friendly. Yes, I felt very small indeed.

And I realised, I saw parts of Cambodia that most tourists don't see. My driver took me on a "countryside" tour, and I was grateful that I had the privilege of seeing places and people that weren't "touristy". It opened my eyes and for this I will always be grateful, for I realise how lucky I am to live in a country where we have everything. I also realised I'm not poor - I just don't have any money. After all - what are rich people? They're just poor people with money!☺

Above: Red roofed house

Above: Ducks
A family of ducks swimming along the river.

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