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This is about my upcoming trip to Malaysia and Cambodia. The first part is pre-trip - information about flights, itineraries, accommodation and all the things that you need to do to plan an overseas holiday. This is my first trip to Asia and I hope it may help others. Comments are very welcome and anyone who has travelled to Malaysia and/or Cambodia, please feel free to comment and offer any advice or tips that you think would be helpful. As of today ( 28th February) , in exactly 11 days (minus 30 minutes) I will be in Kuala Lumpur.

I had the most amazing time and hope you enjoy reading about my trip. Each post is numbered and I'm doing them in order from start to finish - a little like a diary.



18. Food - Malaysia, Malacca

This will be the last post dedicated to food, at least until I've gone and come back and can write of the wonderful adventures I'm going to have!

Melacca is where I'll be for the last three nights. There are places that serve ethnic Portuguese/Malaysian dishes, although I have an idea Portuguese food may be a little spicy but then again I could be wrong so will have to enquire when I get there. Someone said Melacca is famous for its Hainanese chicken rice - I gather Hainanese is a style/type of cooking and was advised to ask for the real stuff and not Nonya stuff as lots of those things use coconut milk and are hot.

Have also been advised to try the roti canai wherever I am and ask them to put in an egg (tellur) and onions (bawal) - it's a south Indian bread.

Melacca Dining
a) Hainanese chicken rice
b) Roti canai

It seems like a rather short list doesn't it - compared to the other ones. Still, I get a full English breakfast at my accommodation so that's pretty good - at least I'll have a full stomach to start my days adventures.

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